All things are possible to the one who believes
My Beliefs Are Alive
My Beliefs Are Alive

My Beliefs Are Alive

My Beliefs Are Alive

My beliefs are alive. Yours are too.

They don’t all agree.

They are at war with each other to dictate our thoughts, actions, habits, and destiny.

Which beliefs will win this war? Like the Native American fable about the two wolves — the beliefs that we feed.

How do we feed a belief? By acting on it.

How do we eradicate a belief? By acting on its rival belief.

Put It Into Practice

  1. Start with your current thought. Say it out loud. (Example: I’ll never get all this work done”)
  2. Choose to act in agreement (to grow the underlying belief) or defiance (to destroy the underlying belief) (Example: I’ll get all of this work done much sooner than anticipated, and I’ll enjoy the feeling of being productive and making my dreams come true as I do. I got this.)
  3. Take the action, knowing that you are changing your belief system and destiny as you do.

A Whole New You

Defiance of doubt. Dispelling of fear. Reception of love. Action in faith.

Tomorrow you’ll laugh off thoughts that disturb you today.

Because the underlying beliefs that they come from don’t frighten you anymore. They don’t paralyze you. They cause to you take opposite action, in defiance of them.

They were preying on your unspoken agreement with them this whole time.

Soon, you’ll find that you are able to work every thought you have to the benefit of you and everyone around you.

And that as you chose faith over fear, and love over hate, you allowed Almighty God to sculpt your inner life, through this simple approach.

Supporting Scripture: Romans 8:28 | 2 Corinthians 5:7

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